Research Services

Research-related services utilizing specimens from patients with solid tumors, including:

  • 3-D histoculture on fresh tumor tissue
  • Blood and other biofluids processing for immuno-oncology projects

Biosample Collection and Research Services

tissue procurement and research protocols including:

  • Collection of snap-frozen synovial tissue and synovial fluid
  • Collection of matching rheumatoid arthritis serum, plasma, whole blood and PBMCs
  • Target expression and activation profiling in synovial tissue using IHC
  • Development of primary cell culture of synovial fluid cells

Standard Specimen Format and Sets

  • Synovial tissue snap-frozen biopsy
  • Synovial tissue matching FFPE biopsy
  • Synovial fluid:
    • frozen synovial liquid fraction
    • viable synovial fluid cells
  • Matching rheumatoid arthritis serum
  • Matching rheumatoid arthritis plasma
  • Whole blood in PAXgene RNA tube
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